Innovation in translation services is a priority for AADIMATIQ, as well as its team of professionals. This means that we can offer the highest quality and perfection in the process.

At AADIMATIQ we offer language localisation in every language combination on all the continents. This can be summarised in the following way:

Direct: Translation into national languages from official, co-official and dialectal languages.

Inverse: Translation into international languages, official, co-official and dialectal languages.

Cross: Translation between two or more international languages and their variants.

Translation for Advertising

Most advertising texts convey feelings, motivation, and use puns and lifestyle motifs, and are aimed at a target audience. There are some risks involved adapting them, and the main characteristics of the target society, its culture, ethical and political norms must be taken into account.

  • Commercial texts
  • Translation of advertisements
  • Press releases
  • Literary translation
  • Informative texts
  • Website translation
  • Blogs
  • E-books

Legal and Financial 

Knowledge of international laws for a legal or financial translation is a priority for AADIMATIQ.

  • Contracts Agreements Decisions
  • Convenctions
  • Rulings
  • Administrative texts
  • Business documentation
  • Economic and financial reports

Scientific and Technical

We make science intelligible. We work with precision on the development of technical material and specific standards per sector.

We undertake professional science and technology.

  • Nanotechnology
  • Software
  • Telecommunications and Information Society Technology 
  • Aeronautical
  • Automation Sport
  • Civil engineering
  • Nuclear technology
  • Eco-environmental
  • Electronic
  • Textile
  • Other

Humanist - Literary

Includes translation in the field of the performing arts, narrative texts, comics, etc. Taking into account what the right execution means in terms of understanding.

  • Linguistic and sociolinguistic studies
  • Comics
  • Assays
  • Authored texts
  • Literary studies
  • Publishing in digital and paper format

AADIMATIQ, the industry leader in creating corporate glossaries.

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