How did transcription start?

Transcription is one of the oldest forms of communication and over the course of history it has been essential for fostering understanding in many fields including medical, legal and governmental transcription.

The first transcriptions were made in Ancient Egypt where scribes annotated, classified and transcribed orders and kept the books. Hence they were also key [...]

Audiovisual translation; a field that’s constantly changing

Audiovisual translation involves turning the parts of audiovisual products spoken in one language into another one. The wide range of audiovisual products which need to be translated so they can be seen, heard and understood anywhere in the world includes feature films, television programmes, plays, musicals, operas and videogames.

The main feature of this type [...]

Artificial Intelligence applied to machine translation systems

Nowadays translation applications use machine learning to improve translation to an almost human level. At AADIMATIQ, a translation and interpretation company, we know that although they have improved exponentially they are not yet exact interpreters. The systems continue to make mistakes due to lack of context or difficulty when translating.

Machine translation has evolved since [...]

Genie Talk official translation app for the Olympic
Genie Talk, the official translation app for the Olympics

The Winter Olympics are about to begin, and even though they aren’t as big as the Summer Olympics, translation and the elimination of language barriers is one of the main concerns of all parties involved in their organisation. One of the examples that proves this is the more than 2,000 volunteers with language skills working [...]

The specialized translation
The specialized translation

Nowadays it is not strange to see an ad from a Japanese brand in Spanish, to read that a company from Barcelona has signed an agreement with a Chinese company, to have an appliance manual in eight languages, or to go see a play by a German playwright. And all this is possible thanks to [...]