The specialized translation

Nowadays it is not strange to see an ad from a Japanese brand in Spanish, to read that a company from Barcelona has signed an agreement with a Chinese company, to have an appliance manual in eight languages, or to go see a play by a German playwright. And all this is possible thanks to the process of specialized translation.

Specialized translation is performed by translators who are experts in the field and sector in which they translate. Their knowledge goes beyond basic or general notions and is instead related to sectors in which specific terminology and a specific language are used that make them distinctive, even corporate.

Specialized translation can be divided in four main areas, according to their kind:

- The first is publicity-advertising translation. This job entails evoking a feeling or emotion in the recipient, sometimes through word play or cultural references. To do this, it is essential to be precise and completely familiar with the target language and culture in order to transmit the message in a localized, accurate way, in addition to being at the forefront of marketing and communication.

- Another example of specialized translation is legal-economic translation. Contracts, agreements, resolutions and financial reports are included in this category. International companies often require this type of translation for their subsidiaries in other countries or to work with other companies. Translators working in this category must always have a command of legal and financial language.

- This list also includes scientific-technical translation. Whatever the field of the translation, this kind of work requires the utmost precision with a very solid knowledge base. Thanks to this kind of translation, companies in any scientific, technical or industrial sector can work with similar companies to partner and grow in the import/export of products and services to countries anywhere on the planet.

- Yet another example of specialized translation is humanities-literary translation. We often read translations in this category, such as when reading a book by a foreign author, a New York Times article (e.g.) in Spanish, or even a review of a work of art. And just because it is so common doesn’t mean that its requirements are any less stringent.

At AADIMATIQ, we have a team of translators who cover all fields of specialized translation in a large number of language combinations, experts who can guarantee a rigorous, accurate and optimal translation.