The most effective way to translate a website or e-commerce website

Nowadays, everyone knows that Internet presence is a key factor for developing a company. Independently of whether the company is big or small, or of the sector it is in, if it is not visible on the Internet, it does not exist.

Currently, all kinds of companies have managed to find their space in this digital world thanks to some of the resources that the network offers: whether through the creation of a website or the use of profiles in the various social networks. In fact, many companies do not just settle for being visible, but want to reach a broader public by having their websites translated into several languages. However, whatever the company or the formula chosen to get this presence on the world wide web, it is always best to adhere to the advice that it is better to be silent than to speak badly.

A website is a gateway to a world full of opportunities and of users in search of a product that you can offer. But at the same time, it is also a company’s letter of presentation. Therefore, it is essential to take care of every single detail if you wish to convince possible future clients. Communicating in their language is one of the bases for being able to reach these users and create a bond of trust and quality.

Translation as a communication need

Companies often fall into the trap of thinking that translating their website is an extra, a supplement that is not always necessary and therefore they do not grant it the importance it is really worth. The consequences are that they turn to nonprofessional methods which may lead to not very satisfactory results and which have a negative image on the company’s image, when a good-quality translation would open up endless possibilities.


Automatic translation is not at all reliable

It is surprising to see just how many websites have been translated by automatic translation tools, solutions that are not sufficiently developed to be able to offer a high-quality translation.

Knowing a language does not make you a translator

Another of the translation methods is to give the job to an employee who knows the language, but in this case, it should not be forgotten that in order to carry out a suitable translation you need to have a team of professional translators who specialise in the sector and area of the company, as well as having experience in the latest language technology tools. Therefore, what may originally be perceived as an expense, may, in the long term, become a great investment, a gateway to the internationalisation of a product and a way to attract clients from any part of the planet.

Our company needs another company

Therefore, we always suggest that the person who does this work is familiar with translating websites, maintaining and updating their contents, because it is not a tool that is designed to be inert. A website that communicates the vitality and the development of the company manages to strengthen the bond with established clients as well as favouring contact with new users.

Nowadays, a well translated website is within everyone's reach

What really matters is communicating correctly and doing it with conviction and propriety, with the firm objective of increasing the company's international presence.