Sworn translations, a world waiting to be discovered

Today, sworn translations are one of the types of translation requested the most frequently by both private users and companies, and they are a concept with which many individuals and companies should become familiar.

First of all, it is essential to distinguish between legal translation and sworn translation, given that these two services differ considerably. Because of their subject matter, a legal translation is directly related to all the documentation associated with the field of law, and any translator specialising in this field can do it. However, sworn translations must be done by sworn translators, only those who have passed a test and are approved by the authorities in each country. At AADIMATIQ, we take care of managing sworn translations to ensure the legal validity of the document submitted to the different entities around the world.

The unique feature of sworn translations is that they concern official documents, which can range from university degrees to trade agreements of large multinationals, not to mention legal, business and notary documents, statements, patents and trademarks, the legalisation of contracts, etc. Furthermore, this kind of translation must always be submitted on paper, since the sworn translator’s seal guaranteeing the veracity and accuracy of the translation and the original document is needed.

For companies, not only is this kind of translation a requirement in many legal and administrative processes, but it also opens up many doors and is vitally important in the company’s internationalisation. In fact, trade or partnership agreements with foreign companies are just some of the texts that are often translated and must be legally validated. This kind of translation is also needed when a company decides to launch operations in another country, given that it must submit legal documentation.

And no less important is the figure of the sworn interpreter, professionals who provide interpreting services in courts and can offer invaluable support to companies internationally. At AADIMATIQ, all of our sworn interpreters have extensive experience.

Therefore, sworn translations are an indispensable tool which will help consolidate your company both locally and internationally.