We are what we publish

Green light for online writing

In the digital age, anyone who has a computer or a mobile device starts writing. That is without doubt extremely positive. However, as content creation is now available to all and diversifying, it may well be that what we write on one platform ends up being posted on another and not exactly because we want it to be.

A company needs to be presented professionally with precise and consistent communication whether online or offline. Some companies occasionally entrust their product launches to the much celebrated influencers, irrespective of whether the latter’s style and interests coincide with the company’s.

Companies want to adapt to the flow of modernity and they invest in the things that are giving others good results. Yet the question is whether this approach will still be valid in five or ten years’ time, or will it lead to a reaction similar to the one we felt when we saw ads at the beginning of the century?


The value of content

Nowadays it is especially important to keep the same tone, consistency and meaning in the texts we post online, whether on the web, social media, blogs, etc. By doing that we can create a brand that identifies us and which users feel engaged with.

Mastery of writing is crucial if we want to present a professional image. Reviewing content is critical in this respect as it brings consistency to the information we seek to convey and makes reading it a seamless and agreeable experience. In business, well-written and structured content enables us to position our product in the first tier.

Editing is crucial during the content writing process as it brings precision and accuracy to the initial stage of content generation.

And when we say editing, we don’t only mean publishing texts whose spelling, grammar and punctuation are impeccable and which require thorough micro-textual review. We also mean style editing, which is more about improving expression, appropriate vocabulary, consistency of the text, etc. and is designed to achieve communicative goals and precision. In addition to typographical syntax and style editing, there is a third, more global stage called macro-textual editing. In this process the text is analysed and improved so that everything flows, ranging from the structure of the text to the hierarchy of information and including the distribution of paragraphs and the consistency of the texts.

What others infer about us is what we write, or rather what we publish. Hence entrusting writing and editing your company’s contents to writing professionals is the best option. The end result will positively impact the image of your company and increase its sales.