Multilingualism; a key factor in business growth

Nowadays, and increasingly more commonly, companies are opting to expand which means they have to use a number of languages. Usage or mastery of different languages is called multilingualism and it undoubtedly has many advantages when it comes to expanding or promoting a business.

The key thing in driving and supporting a company’s growth is to prepare properly to make the leap and use the appropriate tools to go international.

The options include improving our employees’ knowledge of different languages, bringing people who already have language skills into our team or hiring native speakers to help us kick off the expansion process. However, none of this will be effective if we do not have the help of an external team specialised in language issues that mentors and supports us throughout the internationalisation of our business.

In order to implement expansion strategies you have to build a close relationship, prepare your website for the new challenge, run a multilingual marketing campaign to reach the widest possible audience, draw up official documents in different languages so you always have them to hand when signing an agreement, etc. And that means you really do need to have the right language support in place.

Global communication with our target audience, ranging from direct contact with the customer in their language to managing all their multilingual documentation, is the foundation for ensuring our company can overcome all the barriers it might face as well as our finest form of advertisement.

The backing of a professional language team that assists with our operations means we can deliver excellence in our work anywhere in the world and in any language. This professional support will be crucial in enabling every company to perform its role appropriately and guarantee the quality of what it does. All this is translated into international recognition of the quality of the product we supply, growth of our business, a higher percentage of sales and motivational benefits for the company and our employees.