Computer-assisted translation and its advantages

One of the most useful translation tools for a customer who asks for our translation service is computer-assisted translation (CAT), although not everyone is aware of its benefits and everything it can offer.

First of all it is important not to think of CAT as being like machine translation as they have little in common. Machine translation provides an immediate translation without the involvement of a translator and as a general rule the quality is very poor. By contrast, in CAT the translator plays a major role. He or she works with specific software designed to support the translation process. The main advantage offered by these programs is that they include a database (a translation memory) that stores translated texts and recognises the repetition of fragments that are exactly the same or very similar in the text that is being translated as well as in future texts which we translate for the customer. This not only makes the translator’s work easier but also has three significant advantages for the customer. Firstly, it can reduce translation times so we get the final product much sooner. This means that not only will turnaround times be shorter but translation costs will also be lower since the repeated text will be charged for as such. However, the most important benefit is that it will have a direct impact on the quality of the final text since using these tools means we can create a house style that will be maintained in all our translations, making our language and our brand unique.

In addition to working with the most modern and complete CAT programs, at AADIMATIQ our virtual office enables our customers to track the status of their orders placed through this office at any time. In addition to the traceability that this provides they will also be able to view the history of all the projects worked on and find all the translations in the order library.

Hence using the latest translation technologies together with the facilities we offer our customers helps us to optimise our product with our sights firmly set on excellence.