Copy editing, the great unknown

We all know what a translation agency or company does for the most part. However, aside from what their name suggests, these firms also deliver a wide variety of services in addition to just translating. One of the least known (yet no less important) is copy editing, i.e. amending a text to make it understandable [...]

Equal opportunity between men and women

On a day like today we would like to reassert our commitment as a company to equality between men and women. As an organisation and to bring added value to this issue, over the last year we have supported and been involved in the Government of Catalonia’s plan to eliminate inequality in all workplaces by [...]

Simultaneous interpretation subtitled in real time

The world of translation and interpreting is expanding day by day to cater for the new needs of users of language services. The swift advance of new technology and the information society has enabled us to communicate with an ever-growing reach and no geographical restrictions.

There are interpretation services for live translation, but in some [...]

New translation tools: the machine translator

As we’ve already noted in our post “Artificial Intelligence applied to machine translation systems”, translation companies are increasingly choosing to develop machine translation applications. Although the results are not the same in terms of quality compared with traditional services performed by flesh and blood translators, the fact is that technological progress is unstoppable [...]

Mistranslations that changed history

We all agree that the world is increasingly interconnected and that internationalisation is inevitable. As we mentioned in the post entitled The expansion of e-commerce in the digital age, a good translation is essential in an ever-wider number of spheres in our lives, not only in business (to reach more clients) but also [...]