New translation tools: the machine translator

As we’ve already noted in our post “Artificial Intelligence applied to machine translation systems”, translation companies are increasingly choosing to develop machine translation applications. Although the results are not the same in terms of quality compared with traditional services performed by flesh and blood translators, the fact is that technological progress is unstoppable [...]

Mistranslations that changed history

We all agree that the world is increasingly interconnected and that internationalisation is inevitable. As we mentioned in the post entitled The expansion of e-commerce in the digital age, a good translation is essential in an ever-wider number of spheres in our lives, not only in business (to reach more clients) but also [...]

The importance of having a corporate blog

Today, in the digital age, it is essential to have a solid presence on the Internet to ensure the survival and growth of any company. A good online communication strategy, including a corporate blog with quality contents, is necessary to avoid becoming phased out and distancing oneself from the competition, as well as to meet [...]

The expansion of ecommerce in the digital era
The expansion of ecommerce in the digital era

Although the digital revolution has brought about enormous changes in many areas of life, in lockstep this progress also entails new challenges and technological issues which have to be addressed.

Technological breakthroughs remove barriers and lead to a more globalised world, yet we are continuously seeing news stories about fresh cyberattacks, database theft and security [...]

We are what we read

World Book Day is celebrated all over the planet on 23 April. It started out in Spain back in 1926 because major writers such as William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died on this date along with Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, one of the country’s most famous poets.

As it is such a symbolic [...]